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Heating & Cooling Service Partner Plan in Houston

Secure Your Indoor Comfort 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year!

When a heating or air conditioning problem ensues, having access to a reliable emergency service could save you unnecessary stress. Put your mind at ease by signing up for our Service Partner Plan! We offer this program to residential and commercial property owners located in Greater Houston and surrounding communities throughout Texas. For just $13/month (and $8/month for each additional system), you’ll enjoy:

  • Priority service providing you the ability to “skip” to the top of our list
  • A 10% discount on every repair request
  • The ability to transfer your plan to a new property
  • Tune-ups intended to maximize your system’s performance
  • Total comfort and satisfaction year-round

Wait No Further. Join Our Service Partner Plan!

Members of our Service Partner Plan always have a special place at the top of our priority list. Regardless of whether the customer before you scheduled their service days or weeks in advance, we’ll place your request above theirs unless they’ve also signed up for our plan. Like other professionals in the heating and cooling industry, we recommend that you schedule regular maintenance for your unit to lower the chances of a system stall or sky-high utility expenses. With our Service Partner Plan, we’ll make scheduled maintenance one less thing you have to worry about! When you need a repair, we’ll provide a 10% discount for every service request while your membership with us still stands. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for every project handled. Until you’re happy, our jobs aren’t through. Moving to a new home or office? We make it easy for you to transfer our Service Partner Plan from your old property to your new one. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Don’t worry or fret—rest assured that as a member of our Service Partner Plan, we’ll always be there at your beck and call when you need a heating or cooling repair, replacement, or maintenance. Ready to experience all that our plan has to offer? Call 832-352-4941 today!

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